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Alex Payan, co-founder of the Well on Beacon


Text: 206-661-0818

About: "I have recently started my journey into Curanderismo  (traditional Mexican healing). I am very excited to incorporate the medicine of my ancestors into my style of bodywork. My therapeutic focus is in providing massage as a healing element in my communities (q/t*poc). My style has developed over the years into a hybrid of wellness and treatment. I like to work on body structure and postural issues caused by everyday work and life. In general I would say working on the neck both anterior and posterior (front & back) could be my forte. Yes, I can help with that tension that you carry in your shoulders I can also help with the chronic low back issues.  As far as techniques I mix aspects of structural integration with sports massage assistive stretching, depth massage and Swedish. I recently started to add Ventosas (traditional Mexican cupping) and bits of Mayan abdominal massage into my sessions. Other styles I use are floor massage (think Thai massage meets physical therapy meets assistive yoga), barefoot massage (I jump on the table and stand on folks, it’s slow and repetitive; think cats making pizza). I also work with suction cupping and hot stones and will be introducing Limpias  (traditional Mexican spiritual/energetic cleansing)."

Rafael/A Luna-Pizano, Co-Founder of the Well on Beacon


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Phone: (415) 617-9475
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About: "As a descendent of Two-Spirit/ed people, Rafael/a is grateful for the opportunity to share his bodywork and birth-work practice with local families, with a focus on transgender and queer communities of color.  He is always learning more about how to support a sustainable practice of self-care for blood kin and spiritual kin–the people that protect, nurture and love us.  Rafael/a believes in our collective ability to heal our communities by offering medicine to ourselves, each other and our land."

Lily Kerson, LMP - Union Center for Healing

Phone: 206-329-2060
Address: 2100 E. Union Street Seattle, WA 98122

About:  "Lily (She/Her) MA60689784 is a graduate from the Cortiva Institute in Seattle as well as a certified Lymphatic Drainage practitioner and Reiki II attuned. With a background in vibrational medicine, her foundational belief that your own healing is a powerful contribution to the healing of everyone led her to pursue a career in bodywork. With foundational training in Swedish and Myofascial modalities as well as acupressure, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, energy work, and the direct application of crystal grids to aid and amplify the healing process, her work largely focuses on the integration of highly individualized, educational, and relaxing sessions while providing effective and result-driven treatment. She is devoted to providing the most comfortable space as possible for all clients, including serving her queer (LGBTQIA) community at large, and she brings her belief in the importance of trauma-informed care to each session. 


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