Icarus Project

Link: https://theicarusproject.net/resources/

About: "The Icarus Project is a network of people with lived experience of mental health issues. We gather our community’s knowledge, skills, coping tools, resources, and strategies for self care and communal support and share them with the world so people can build their own toolkits to help them stay well or navigate through rough times." 

Books & Articles

Reproductive Justice

Link: https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520288201/reproductive-justice

Radical Reproductive Justice

Link: https://www.feministpress.org/books-n-z/radical-reproductive-justice

Birthing Justice

Link: http://www.blackwomenbirthingjustice.org/birthing-justice-contents

Pleasure Dome (adrienne maree brown)

Link: https://www.bitchmedia.org/topic/pleasure-dome

About: "Practice, practice, practice liberating the language of your desire."


Link: https://www.colorlines.com/

Race Files

Link: https://www.racefiles.com/


Tonic Podcast

Website: https://tonicpodcast.com/

About: "Tonic is a healing advice podcast about all the ailments of modern life–emotional, spiritual, physical and more. With so many forces contributing to a societal sense of dis-ease, Tonic is a place for practical support with strong doses of clarity, and a humorous aftertaste. Hosted by three healers of color–Richael Faithful, Karen L. Culpepper and Miriam Zoila Pérez–they each offer practitioner insights on everything from stress reduction and wellness to multigenerational trauma and plant medicine. While many of us feel at the edge of the world, we need each other–and our lineages of wisdom–to get through these times now more than ever. Send your questions to tonicpodcast@gmail.com and we will consider answering them in our next episode."

Birth Bruja
Website: https://kpfa.org/area941/program/birth-bruja/

​About: "Radical, transformative, empowering birthwork in all its nuances.  Reproductive justice, racial justice, reclaiming ancestral wisdom, decolonizing the birth space- here, my friends… we go deep. Join us each month as we chat with activists, scholars, healers, community wellness workers, birthing folk and beyond to explore topics from their roots to their leaves. The Birth Bruja Podcast is produced by the We Rise cultural production collective. Check out more We Rise podcasts on Area 941, Feral Visions and We Rise."

How To Survive the End of the World

Website: https://www.endoftheworldshow.org/

About: "A PODCAST FROM THE BROWN SISTERS learning from the apocalypse with grace, rigor and curiosity."  

Health Autonomy

Link: https://health-autonomy.fireside.fm/

About: "From the Greek solidarity clinics to the Zapatistas “healthcare from below” to Black Panther Clinics and GynPunks, there is inspiration for this path all around us. We begin by finding each other. This podcast will be a step in that journey."


Octavia's Brood

Website: http://www.octaviasbrood.com/

About: "Science Fiction from Social Movements An anthology of visionary science fiction and
speculative fiction written by organizers and activists."


Liminal Life Services

Nurturing support throughout the threshold of life transitions

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